Diamond Valley Fire Department

Diamond Valley, Utah Fire DepartmentDiamond Valley Fire Department
1651 West Diamond Valley Dr.
Diamond Valley, UT 84770
Phone:  (435) 574-2179

Mission Statement

The Objective of the Diamond Valley Fire Department shall be to engage in the activities of organizing, operating, conducting, and maintaining a volunteer fire department for the purpose of preserving and protecting life and property. This is a community based organization operating from a localized station and providing fire prevention, education, suppression services, rescue, and hazardous material response and other services as needed. These services are provided within the departments primary response area and in response to similar requests for mutual aid to communities within areas surrounding the departments primary response area

Officers / Certifications

Members: 14

Fire Chief: 1

Asst. Chief: 2

Fire Inspectors: 2

FFI: 11



Instructor I: 1

PIO: 1

Cert. Tester: 1

EMT: 3

HazMat Tech: 1


Primary Response Demographics

Population Served: 1600+

Acres Served: 8000+

Commercial Responsibilities: Diamond Valley Elementary School, LDS Stake Center

Residential Responsibilities: 400+ homes

Fire Budget: $26,000

# of Stations: 1

ISO Rating: 5



1975 Ward LaFrance 1000 gpm pumper

1974 Chev C60 Type 3 Tactical Tender

1995 Chev 2500 Type 6 WL Engine, 4x4

2007 Chev C4500 Type 3 WL Engine, 4x4

1998 Kenworth 2000 gal. Water Tender


Diamond Valley Fire Department's (DVFD) primary response area is the WUI community of Diamond Valley, UT, (DV) located just 10 miles north of St. George along State Highway 18. Through county wide mutual aid agreements and MOU with the state, DVFD also serves a wide range area within the Color Country region.

DVFD's roots began about 1991 when the "Diamond Valley Ranch" house, barn, tack shed and several horses were burned to the ground. Also, within a few short weeks, one of the early resident's home partially burned. By default, that resident was named the "Diamond Valley Fire Chief" as it was apparent that a fire department was a necessity in DV. Since then, many of the locals have "volunteered" to put the "wet stuff on the red stuff" when the call came.

Chief Brent Theobald has been with the DVFD since it's inception and has served as it's Chief for nearly 15 years. Two of the Chief's sons are following in his footstep with the youngest being 10 yrs old. He has his own turn-out gear and participates on a limited basis in the Dept. activities. He is fondly referred to by the members as "Jr. Chief."

As the population of DV has grown, so has the DVFD. The DVFD has seen quite an evolution from no fire station with one 500 gallon water wagon (pulled behind POV) to it's current 7,837sf Fire Station that houses five apparatus that range from structure to wildland fire equipment. Also, a need for personnel training was recognized early on and the DVFD became well acquainted with the URFA and the opportunities offered through that valuable organization.

The members train twice monthly, the second Tuesday evening of the month and the fourth Saturday of the month, with slight adjustments for holidays and Big Game Hunts. Quarterly inter-department training with the other Fire Departments along the SR-18 corridor has been a benefit that allows members of the various departments to learn to interact with each other and learn from each others experiences. Also, participation at Summer/Winter School and other continuing fire related education is encouraged throughout each year.

The DVFD is an all volunteer organization, with strict requirements to become a member. Some of the requirements are obtaining and maintaining various levels of certification, high minimums of participation in training, community education involvement, incident response, and the desire to have a great time at DVFD social activities. The DVFD has an axillary, mostly comprised of the spouses who love to throw wonderful parties!

DVFD is very community minded with several fire prevention and awareness activities sponsored by and participated in throughout each year. Some of the activities include, fire prevention and safety assemblies at the DV Elementary School, emergency preparedness presentations at local church and community functions, and the Annual 24th of July Celebration which includes a parade, breakfast, games and of course water activities via Fire Apparatus.

The volunteers come from all walks of life that bring to the DVFD many valuable resources. From business men to accountants to contractors, the DVFD has had the expertise to take on many projects to improve the quality and capabilities of the organization. Many of the apparatus in the DVFD's stable were projects before becoming realized. Recently completed was a Type 3 Wildland Engine that started as a 2007 Chev C4500 cab and chassis. Also, just this last November, the DVFD moved into their newly completed Fire Station. Situated on one of two adjacent acres it is comprised of three drive-thru apparatus bays, administrative offices, training room, kitchen, day room, shift desk, weight room, restrooms with shower facilities, turn-out / locker room and storage rooms. DVFD has taken a hard look at the potential growth of it's primary response area and continues to plan for the future. Current planning is in the works for the development of a Dept. training facility on the second of the two acres and is also embracing the idea of a future EMS program.

While the DVFD continues to provide emergency services to it's residents and surrounding communities, it is with high ideals, energies and providence, that they maintain their course.

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