My water is discolored... what should I do?

Please be aware that the water is safe when discoloration occurs.  Our water is obtained by very deep underground wells. In the process of obtaining the water, sediments are brought up with the water.  Of course, one of the purposes of tanks is to have the material settle so it can be cleaned out regularly. However, some sediment does move through the system and deposit in the bottom of our main pipes that service your homes. This material has and always will be in the water and most of the time we are unaware of this as it settles to the bottom of infrastructure. We of course have a routine schedule where we flush the system and clean the tanks to keep this occurrence to a minimum. When water is moved rapidly by shutting on/off large volumes of water or "flushing" the system this material gets "stirred" up and you will see color. This occurs most often when the fire hydrants are opened for construction, firefighter training, or repairs/flushing. 

Alternately, discolored water may be localized in a homeowners personal lines.  This occurs when the individual has not used much water or has little-to-no landscaping in their yard. This allows sediments to collect in your personal lines. No matter what the cause may be, you will want to flush your personal lines when you notice discolored water.

Flushing your personal lines

Step 1 - We make every attempt to notify water users when we know of any repairs/maintenence in the area that we suspect would cause water quality issues. If you check our News and Updates page and do not see an alert, then we may not know of the issue and we welcome you to notify us.

Step 2 - If you already have discolored water, then you have no choice but to flush your own lines.  We recomend to start by turning on an outdoor hose.  If you have a garden, trees, grass, or large animals then it is an opportunity to water your landscaping and livestock. Flushing outdoors first will aid in not bringing even more discolored water into your home.

Step 3 - Once you can see your hose is running clear.  You may then run water in the home to clear the lines in your home. Runing the bath water and a few faucets will do the trick.  If you adequately flushed outdoors first, this shouldn't take long.

We do not recomend washing loads of white laundry while your water is discolored or if you see an announcement that discoloration is a possibility. The water company is not responsible for replacing laundry that has become discolored.  However, we do recomend if this occurs that you wash with bleach/OxyClean according to product directions to brighten up dingy laundry.

Discolored water normally goes away within a 24 hour period. If the issue persists, please call our business manger to see if you are a candidate to have our water master come service your home. 

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