Winter is coming... what can I do to protect my meter & pipes?

For several weeks each year in Diamond Valley we can expect the daytime high temperatures to remain below freezing. During these weeks uninsulated meters may freeze up and cause water service interruptions. In order to keep our water services safe and free from interruption we suggest some preventive action be taken:

1. We recommend a garbage bag filled with items such as shredded paper, crumpled newspaper, insulation, old towels/blankets, or other materials be placed under the lid of the meter box and around the meter to reduce the liklihood of the meter freezing. Using a bag keeps the material from getting wet with weather run off, and makes it easier for the meter reader to manual check your meter should the radio signal be disrupted.  Please refrain from using anything with foil backing, as it will disrupt the ability for your meter to be radio read.  Take the time while insulating your meter to clear both inside and around the outside of the meter box.  Meter boxes should be visable at all times so that they can be easily located and accessed.  If not regularly maintained, they can get camouflaged under a layer of soil or overgrown vegetation, making it difficult to manually check readings or access them for time-sensitive repairs.

2. As for your private lines, keeping garage doors closed and insulating outside water hose
connections is also recommended. Many of our water heaters are located in the garage. Leaving
garage doors open can allow the plumbing lines to freeze. Frozen lines often break, then when they
thaw cause water damage from flooding, and they can be costly to repair. Outside exposed PVC
riser type hose bibs also freeze and break very easily. It is recommended they be insulated with a 5-gallon bucket full of some type of insulation (see above) placed over them for protection. The
bucket should be weighted down to prevent it from blowing away.

3. Winterizing your sprinkler system will help avoid problems next spring. This can be done by
turning off supply valves, draining lines, and insulating sprinkler valve boxes using the same process as above.

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