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1. Ensure that the we deliver high quality and reliable water supplies for  current and future needs.

2. Provide excellent customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction.

3. Plan, design and construct high quality facilities consistent with required  needs and industry standards.

4. Effectively manage our financial resources in conformance with Board  policies.

5. Ensure that all activities surpass all applicable laws and regulations.

6. Operate, maintain and protect facilities in a safe and cost-effective manner.

7. Actively enhance effective community relations and public information.

8. Manage and maintain Diamond Valley's natural and recreation resources,  and protect public safety and water quality.

Diamond Valley Water Co.

▪ Responsibly serve the public.

▪ Ensure fair and equitable rates and charges.

▪ Work cooperatively with local, regional, state and federal agencies.

▪ Practice ethical behavior.

▪ Ensure an open process.

▪ Ensure equal opportunity and diversity in personnel matters and contracting.

In fulfilling our Mission, we will:

The Mission of Diamond Valley Water is to strategically provide a reliable supply of high quality water at the lowest cost possible, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Diamond Valley Water Goals:

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