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If you are interested in reserving the park and/or Community Building please include...


1) The date and start/end times 

2) What is the event for and what are the planned activities

3) How many participants are expected to attend

4) Any other info you feel is pertinent.

Knowing the audience and activities will help us determine things like:

1) If you need the water unlocked for accessibility

2) If you need to rent any equipment (i.e.  volleyball, pickleball, basketball)

3) If you have activities planned that our insurance won't allow (i.e. bounce houses)

Reservation Times are only between 7:00 am -10:00 pm

Please be considerate of garbage, excess clean up, larger logs burning in fire pit left unattended and leaving water running.

The Pickle Court is to only be used for playing Pickle Ball and no children should be unattended. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Reserve Here :

Thank you, you will receive an email upon confirmed reservation.

Reserving the park and/or Community Building (old fire station)

At this time, reserving the park does not require a deposit, but reserving the Community Building does require a deposit of $100 that is fully refundable after the event if the building is left in good condition.

Also keep in mind that there are no trash cans or dumpsters onsite, so individuals reserving the facilities will need to come prepared with a way to collect trash and dispose of it themselves. We require that those who reserve our facilities leave the area clean and in good condition.

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